My Five Favourite Noises

Brick likes loud noises. But we're not here today to discuss volume, else this'd just be a list championing bands in student bars. We're here today to discuss those noises that give me a little shiver of delight, at any decibel. So, without further ado, here they are. The slide whistle. An instrument? That sounds… Continue reading My Five Favourite Noises

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Subtle Signs That You Have Angered the Universe

Sometimes it's difficult to tell if the universe is pissed at you. If your boyfriend dumps you via email the same day you get told you didn't get the job... yep, it's mad. If you twist your ankle the night before you're supposed to go on an island holiday... yep, it's angry. If you try… Continue reading Subtle Signs That You Have Angered the Universe


Things You Can’t Do With a Tractor

Because sometimes it is nice to appreciate something while still accepting its limitations. perform open heart surgery on an obese gentleman raise a flock of ducklings after their mother is killed by sadistic child make a compelling documentary about human morality throughout the ages accidentally raise the dead by discovering the Necronomicon in your grandfather's… Continue reading Things You Can’t Do With a Tractor