Schwimmer Swims

In haiku. "Wake up, sleepyhead!" Bring-bring! It's David's alarm! It's bright and early. He dons his Speedo Under his shiny tracksuit And grabs his backpack. He gets to the gym Puts his bag in a locker And has a good stretch. He chooses his lane Dives into the cool water And starts his workout. His… Continue reading Schwimmer Swims

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Return of the Milkshake

For yonks and yonks, literally years, I have been thinking "I should start writing in my blog again, the blog was fun". It used to make me so happy to write things down then emotionally blackmail friends into reading those things. Side-eyeing pals who I know are online and yet aren't clicking. Emailing loved ones with "um,… Continue reading Return of the Milkshake