Schwimmer Swims

In haiku.


“Wake up, sleepyhead!”
Bring-bring! It’s David’s alarm!
It’s bright and early.

He dons his Speedo
Under his shiny tracksuit
And grabs his backpack.

He gets to the gym
Puts his bag in a locker
And has a good stretch.

He chooses his lane
Dives into the cool water
And starts his workout.


His purpose is clear:
It’s time for Schwimmer to swim,
and swim Schwimmer shall.

Water to the brim
Of the lap pool at the gym
Where Schwimmer does swim.

He grins as he swims
Picturing shiny fish fins
Schwimmer’s limbs spinning.

He’s not there to race!
Schwimmer doesn’t swim to win,
Nor swim for a whim.


Schwimmer swims for health!
To swipe away sweat post-swim:
Swimming keeps Schwim slim.

(Not saying for him
It’s all about being thin –
But strong solid limbs.)

Soon Schwim’s swim is done!
Shower, shampoo, shave and shirt:
Now that Schwim has swum.

Schwim’s sore happy limbs
Serve reminder of the gym
‘Til tomorrow’s swim!


1 thought on “Schwimmer Swims”

  1. Does this happen from eating fruit cake before going to sleep? Don’t know what caused me to try and remember the words to ‘pop goes the weasel’ nearly all night! Love it. Xx

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