I wrote my About Page in 2012, and now it’s 2017, and I came back in to update it. Jzhoosh it up. Sexify it. Do like, the modern remix. But I quite like what 2012-Kate had to say, so I’ll leave it, and will just add some comments in.

2012: Hello! I’m Kate. Welcome to one of the places on the internet where you can look inside my head. I say “one of”… hopefully it is just this and Facebook, and there are no scanned x-rays of my brain floating around.

My friend Michelle took these and made them all greenish with little light bubbles. It's the most art I've ever looked. Also, how much do I resemble Kenneth the page in the first one?
My friend Michelle took these and made them all greenish with little light bubbles. It’s the most art I’ve ever looked. Also, how much do I resemble Kenneth the Page in the first one?

2017: In hindsight I don’t know what the concern was about the x-rays. I would happily share an x-ray of my brain. Maybe then Elon Musk can use it to create a sexy robot version of me for a robot take on Multiplicity (sidenote: does that film hold up?) As for the pictures, I still have the same hairstyle and wear the same jewellery except now that dress is definitely not going to fit me. The past is created just to haunt us.

2012: Where were we? Yes. Ok. I’m Kate, but we covered that already. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. You can belatedly attend my blog launch party. Read some haiku reviews of public toilets. Read the thirteen-part Fiji Travel Journal. Shake your head at how I handled a really bad hangover. Or just begin at the front page, read every single post, and leave lots of comments. Go on. A little part of you wants to do that.

2017: I love that I actually already had “Where we were?”, like I knew my future self would pop in to make comments. Go you, 2012-Kate, you’ve got your head screwed on right. I now live in Melbourne, Australia; but Wellington will always be one of the special homes I keep in my heart. And I am just as transparently desperate for comments and attention.

2012: I publish a new blog almost every weekday… I just get giddily excited about getting to write stuff down then sharing it with you guys.

2017: Oh, little blackbird. How innocent you were. Every goddamn weekday?! You can tell I started this on an adrenaline high and it immediately tapered off and became unmanageable and I left it alone for many, many years.

2012: But don’t trust me! Trust other readers. Some reviews for this blog:
“The best ones are when you talk about nothing” – my sister
“Some of the posts are really long” – a friend
“Yes, I have read it” – my dad
“I look forward to accidentally saying something profound so I get a mention in your reviews” – my mother

2017: These are flat out hilarious, I love my family.

2012: Welcome!

2017: Still stands. I’m so glad you’re here!

18 thoughts on “About”

  1. What do you call an Arab dairy farmer……A milk sheikh 😉 Hi Kate I am following you ina bloggy sort of way. Have fun. Ralph x

    1. I like that you specified it was in a “bloggy sort of way”, just in case I might think you meant you are literally stalking me. Thanks for the heads up, Ralph 😛

  2. Kateeee!!! How CAN I stalk you. I am an Englishman up to my neck in castanets, flamenco dancers, sun, sea and sangria in Spain and you are in Wellington boots in NZ. 😉 Hugs (in a bloggy sort of way). Ralph x

    1. Sounds like you’re in quite the predicament. Maybe if you ask one of the flamenco dancers to hoist you up you can get out? I imagine it’d be hard to breathe.

      1. I am in terrible predicament……they are all sweaty male flamenco dancers. They heard you. Hoisted me out and thrown me into the Mediterranean sea. 😉

  3. What a fantastic blog have I’ve only been reading for 5 mins and already laughed out loud twice ( people on the train giving me a few funny looks 🙂 ) Looking foreward to visiting more 🙂

      1. Yes yes it does :)….luckily for you I am well able to embarrass myself with zero help and will therefore happily keep reading with the ” er I’ll never see them again attitude”

  4. I dead set want to take you to dinner, your the spunkiest sassiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on and I am infatuated big time

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