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Up with the patriarchy

I know lots of people say they have the best dad in the world. They don't. That's because I do. I have cornered that market. Well, I share him with my sister and stepsister, but I am older and marginally taller than both of them, and therefore the market is mine. Sigh. Ok. I'm already… Continue reading Up with the patriarchy

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Why I would not recommend the overnight bus

Dear bus, I suppose it wasn’t really your fault. You are a machine constructed of interlocking metal pieces, stuck with your place in the world, whether you asked for it or not. Maybe you could have been something nicer, like a toaster? I’m not familiar with the differences between toaster metal and bus metal but… Continue reading Why I would not recommend the overnight bus


Forging friendship over a chicken noodle groin

Severe diarrhoea, ending in a horrible death. That’s what dysentery is, and it’s what most people died of on the Oregon trail, according to the video game. In reality it was cholera that was the most prolific disease. Cholera was similar to its pal dysentery - except that as well as the explosive pooing, you… Continue reading Forging friendship over a chicken noodle groin


Haiku reviews of public bathrooms: Paris McDonalds

Welcome to series in which I review public bathrooms in haiku form. In this entry I visit a McDonalds in Paris. It should probably come with some sort of reader discretionary warning. Or, if you'd prefer to use more modern vernacular, "tmi, girlfriend". Paris train station: If you want friendly faces Not the place to… Continue reading Haiku reviews of public bathrooms: Paris McDonalds

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Finding myself in Europe

Before we left for our European backpacking adventure, I looked forward to meeting the new Kate. The new Kate was a seasoned traveller, one who would shrug her bronzed shoulders when problems cropped up, scraping together her last few coins for beer instead of a hostel. Nothing would faze her. She would try everything. She… Continue reading Finding myself in Europe