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Mediations on Meditation: Part 2

If you didn’t read part 1, go have a look here; but in short, I am meditating now. Look, I didn’t INTEND to buy a full year subscription to the Headspace app. On the purchase screen it said something about $12 a month, and I thought gosh, that’s good value innit, I’d pay that for… Continue reading Mediations on Meditation: Part 2

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Meditations on Meditation: Part 1

Earlier this year I read Lost Connections by Johann Hari. It’s very good and I loved it and not JUST because there are celebrity endorsements on the cover. It’s all about the “real” causes of depression, and look, I know I should probably be dubious of anything that claims to be the “real” truth because… Continue reading Meditations on Meditation: Part 1


The Case for and Against an Instant Replay Button for Life

For: Recently I was walking home from work and wandered past an Asian market. Inside, a woman was standing in front of an open drinks fridge, with a small boy standing next to her. He was repeatedly and vigorously punching her in the left buttock, his little eyebrows furrowed with concentration. She looked expressionless and… Continue reading The Case for and Against an Instant Replay Button for Life