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Budgie smuggling

“Hey, did you know that if you squeeze an egg with one hand, longways, not sideways, you cannot crack it?” the boy asks, his pale blue eyes innocent and wide. The girl is dubious, but curiosity prevails, and so she fetches an egg from the fridge. Standing over the sink, she squeezes it lengthways as… Continue reading Budgie smuggling


How women’s underwear turned me into an asshole

Yesterday I saw someone hurt themselves, and I did absolutely nothing. On my way to the stairs, I passed an electrician fiddling with something in the wall, standing halfway up a ladder.  Another electrician stood next to him, fiddling with some sort of legit-looking handheld-device.  I did that closed-mouth-smile to say hello, where you’re acknowledging… Continue reading How women’s underwear turned me into an asshole