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Finding myself in Europe

Before we left for our European backpacking adventure, I looked forward to meeting the new Kate. The new Kate was a seasoned traveller, one who would shrug her bronzed shoulders when problems cropped up, scraping together her last few coins for beer instead of a hostel. Nothing would faze her. She would try everything. She… Continue reading Finding myself in Europe

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This is not a puppy party

Do you know how long it has been since I blogged? Days and days, months and months. A long time. I could say I was too busy or important, rushing about doing life things. But that’s just not true. Sure, since we last spoke, I’ve starting dating a new fella, fallen for him in a… Continue reading This is not a puppy party

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Kate’s Guide to Makeup: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Kate’s Guide to Makeup! Hopefully by now you’ve tried the daytime look we covered yesterday, and you’re busy fending off phone calls from persistent gentlemen (I’m free next Tuesday?) or eager ladies, if that’s your thing (one at a time, gals!). This tutorial will show you how to upgrade your… Continue reading Kate’s Guide to Makeup: Part Two