When I was little, I created a spreadsheet to categorise my Babysitter’s Club book collection. If you said, “tell me about book 19”, I would have been able to check my data and report back that the title was Claudia and the Bad Joke, that it was about pranking, and that the date I last completed a read was three months ago.

Clearly, I had no choice but to create this archive page (from scratch). Organising and I go too far back for me to abandon her now.

September 2013

September 11
Tube Diversions

August 2013

August 31
Up With the Patriarchy

August 30
Why I Would Not Recommend the Overnight Bus

August 26
Forging Friendship Over a Chicken Noodle Groin

August 24
Haiku Reviews of Public Bathrooms: Paris McDonald’s

August 22
Finding Myself in Europe

August 20
This is Not a Puppy Party

January 2013

January 14
Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

December 2012

December 26

November 2012

November 27
Refined Tastes

November 19
Zen & the Art of Unrequited Romance

November 2
Kate’s Guide to Makeup: Part Two

November 1
Kate’s Guide to Makeup: Part One

October 2012

October 25
Grooming for the modern woman

October 23
The Sniffles

October 18
Beautiful Day, Isn’t It?

October 16
Regularly scheduled programming

October 12
Fiji Travel Journal Part Thirteen: Bras, Saw-rey Trav-lahs and Man Hostesses

October 11
Fiji Travel Journal Part Twelve: The Wrong Towels, Sporting Challenges and Missing Knickers

October 10
Fiji Travel Journal Part Eleven: Bottoms, Bubbles and Definite Things

October 9
Fiji Travel Journal Part Ten: Balloons, Perverts and Tequila

October 8
Fiji Travel Journal Part Nine: Prostitutes, Punking and Proposals

October 5
Fiji Travel Journal Part Eight: Periodicals, Pool Hops and Australian Units

October 4
Fiji Travel Journal Part Seven: Entree, Main Course and Dessert

October 3
Fiji Travel Journal Part Six: Mushroom Brains, Front Naps and Tuna Smashing

October 2
Fiji Travel Journal Part Five: Baronesses, Orations and Foreign Gems

October 1
Fiji Travel Journal Part Four: Carbs, Catamarans and Cast Away

September 2012

September 28
Fiji Travel Journal Part Three: Binkies, Babes and Bathtubs

September 27
Fiji Travel Journal Part Two: Airports, Adoption and the Kindness of Strangers

September 26
Fiji Travel Journal Part One: Donuts, Margaritas and Waistcoats

September 19
The news feed of my homesick heart

September 18
Preparing for international travel

September 17
The morning after

September 14
Expanding one’s mind through travel

September 13
Childhood dreams and stripper snubs

September 12
European women I met briefly that changed my life: part one

September 11
An apology to people who found me through a Google search

September 10
Kate’s Vanilla Oats: for people with problems

September 7
Budgie smuggling

September 6
Haiku reviews of public bathrooms: Great India

September 5
Dread over heels

September 4
Seeking person of skill to help me build my invention

September 3
The Adventures of Ducky and Bob: Episode 2

August 2012

August 31
How to get away with lip synching about thick chicks in public

August 30
How women’s underwear turned me into an asshole

August 29
The Adventures of Ducky and Bob: Episode 1: Director’s Commentary

August 28
Kate’s Food Photography Guide

August 27
The Daily Hunk: Lincoln

August 26
Forever a rebel

August 24
The Adventures of Ducky and Bob: Episode 1

August 23
Note to self: never go to the gym after work

August 22
Blog launch party

August 20
Practicing some self-restraint. Sorta.

August 20
My five favourite noises

August 19
The Daily Hunk: Landon

August 19
Haiku reviews of public bathrooms: Fringe Bar

August 18
I am a very selfless person

August 17
Subtle signs that you have angered the universe

August 16
Liz Lemon’s workout gives me a sense of deja vu

August 16
Haiku reviews of public bathrooms: Courtenay Place RoboToilets

August 15
A guide to being thrifty with your gifties

August 15
Children with wheels in their shoes falling over

August 14
The case for and against a replay button for life

August 10
Haiku reviews of public bathrooms: Fork & Brewer

August 9
Open letters to my pet peeves

August 9
Roses and shitheads

August 7
James Spader, sex and alphabetising

August 6
Things you can’t do with a tractor

August 6

August 4
Happy fat dogs

August 4
Spanish word of the day: compacto

August 4
Justifying why I just started a blog


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