adventures of ducky and bob

The Adventures of Ducky and Bob: Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Adventures of Ducky and Bob.

Catch up with Episode 1, with Director’s Commentary on or off.

Ducky & Bob 2

Ducky & Bob 2.1

Ducky & Bob 2.2

Ducky & Bob 2.3

Has Bob found a job yet?

Why is Ducky so goddamn serious all the time?

Is this the worst thing on the internet?

Tune in next time to find out!

22 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ducky and Bob: Episode 2”

    1. No lie, when I first took the photo of Ducky & Bob together, I emailed a friend and said “I’m pretty sure this little guy is the Fonz”.

          1. Okay. I felt that they needed help. Behind them are 3 guys who built the website. So as you say I will back off. Thanks for your advice Kate. Hold my hand next time and give me a good kicking when I go astray. 😉 Ralph x

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